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How to Repair a Flat

You're at the start of your ride and you get a flat. Follow these quick steps and you're on your way.

Before any ride be prepared and plan ahead. Stuff these items into your pack and you'll be good to go.

  • Patch Kit
  • Spare Tube
  • Tire Levers
  • Mini Pump/C02 cartridge

Release your brakes and take your wheel off by loosening the skewers. Remove one side of the tire from the rim with tire levers by placing the lever between the tire and the rim then prying the tire over the lip of the rim. You won't need to take the tire all the way off the rim, just one side. Once you have half the tire off, pull out the bad tube.

Now run your hand carefully around the inside of the tire and rim to insure that no objects are still there to cause another flat. Unpack your new tube and inflate it slightly. This makes it a little easier to place back around the rim without it flopping off. Begin working the tire back inside the rim starting from the valve. Work all the way around making sure not to pinch the tube. Pull the tire back and look between the tire and rim to double check for a pinched tube. Pump your tire to desired inflation or use those handy C02's to really finish things up quickly.

Put the wheel back on and set your brakes up and you're off.

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